Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Self Portrait

Among my dearest memories of Vance were when he lived in Olde Town, Alexandria in 1979 and 1980. This self-portrait was from that period. When I visited him there he was often playing chess with Bill Paren, a collector of his art, and listening to Tomita's Debussy.


  1. We currently have information that there are at least three portraits of Vance.

    The first portrait is an unsigned and undated pastel (dimensions TBS). According to Vance’s older daughter Athena Samuel and her mother Cynthia Samuel, it was painted by John Miller in New Orleans, when Vance was a portrait artist there in the late 1970’s. Vance framed this portrait and kept it in his possession until he died, after which it went to the collection of our mother, Shirley Lockwood, in Minneapolis. It was on display at Vance’s memorial art show and ceremony in Arizona in March of this year. We hope to soon post a photograph of this portrait on this blog, and will appreciate any additional information about it.

    A second pastel portrait, of similar appearance, was painted by Vance in 1980, and is signed and dated. This portrait is owned by me, and I have uploaded a photograph of it on this blog. I remember Vance working on it when he was in Alexandria in 1979 and 1980, during which time he also painted portraits of my husband, Gen. Haynes, and me.

    We have also received information that there is another self-portrait of Vance in his older daughter Athena's possession. We look forward to getting a photograph and information about this portrait.

  2. I remember spending a Summer watching Vance Paint Pastel Portraits for clients from Photographs. I believed he charged about $20-$40 per piece.

    This was in Santa Barbara California around 1984 or so.

    Happy to learn he acheived greatness.

    Sad to hear about his passing.

    God Bless him generous soul.