Oil Paintings--Early Period

"The Lifestar", originally entitled "The Puzzle", is a 40x50 oil painting, and was considered by Vance to be his most important work. It represents, more than any other of his paintings, his spiritual philosophy. Painted in 1979 and 1980, it also represents the culmination of his hard-edge abstract period, after which he moved on to soft pastel abstracts (his California period). "The Lifestar" appeared on the cover of the premier issue of "Illume, Journal of Universal Ideas," in 2000. The original is being offered for sale to a museum collection that will display it to the public. Please contact Valerie Haynes for more information: Tel: 607-783-4045. valeriehaynes@live.com.


The original oil painting is owned by Philip Zettle of Washington, DC.


The original oil painting is owned by Philip Zettle of Washington, DC.

"Blue Note"
Painted in 1979, "Blue Note" was both a musical G Clef representation, as well as a representation of Vance's lover, Cynthia Samuel, who was pregnant with their daughter. In 1980 Valerie Haynes and her husband, Major General Fred Haynes, purchased the painting while Vance was in Washington, DC. In 1990 Valerie gave the painting to Cynthia Samuel and her and Vance's daughter, Athena.